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46 year old Keith Hudson, aka “Benjamin” is the CEO & Founder of Benjamin Brothers Reality and has been providing quality customer service for over 2 decades.Benjamin’s father owned a lawn care service and taught his son both labor skills and the art of pleasantly servicing customers.
At the age of 15, Benjamin’s father gave him 9 clients and Benjamin multiplied those into 101 in only 1 year.
Through Benjigates Estates, Benjamin bought and sold over 1,500 homes in less than 5 years. He’s owned and/or been a major investor in over 30 businesses which include Real Estate, Home Repair, Lawn Care, Fashion, Prison Reform, and even the Music Industry.
When you do business with Keith Hudson, aka “Benjamin,” you are getting access to the many resources he’s accumulated over the years, as well as the business skills he’s gained through decades of practice.

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